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Western Refinishers is an auto collision repair specialist which repairs all makes of vehicles in or out of warranty.  Based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, the repair facility deals with a small but personalized group of vehicles, meaning there is a strong focus on quality workmanship. We offer a comprehensive suite of repair services for all types of damage - large or small. Our professionalism, courtesy and care for the needs of all our clients, drives our business ethic. We are proud of our hands-on approach, which delivers a rapid and reliable service.

Our staff are QUALIFIED and well trained, and each of them are held responsible for providing superior service, as well as ensuring the trust and satisfaction of all our customers. The Managing Director, Antonett Messias, has 22 years’ experience in the industry. She has served on the committees of a number of important bodies that govern the functioning of the auto repair industry in South Africa. Western Refinishers is a member of Collision Repair Association of South Africa with a Major structural repairer accreditation. She  uses her vast experience in the industry, in a much smaller and controlled environment - to the advantage of insurance companies and customers.

All our work is underwritten by a 24 month workmanship guarantee. There is also a 24 month warranty on paintwork, and Western is on a full water borne eco-friendly painting system. All parts are guaranteed according to the suppliers' warranty. For your convenience, our company works through a large referral network of insurance companies. Our shuttle service from our premises makes the whole repair process as painless as possible.

Diagnostics is done before and after repairs. Fault codes can be reset and repaired if need be.




We repair any type of damage large and small, we are equipped with industry standard tooling and well trained craftsman to repair your vehicle to OEM requirements.

Hail Damage

We have been repairing hail-damaged vehicles for insurance companies and private clients since 1973. Our trademark service is built around experience, commitment to expertise and exceptional customer care.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paint less dent removal is a revolutionary dent removal alternative to the auto body repair industry using specialised dent repair tools, dents large and small can be fixed without having to remove some panel trims. This process is not only cost effective, but also means less time to repair.
Dedication, experience and skill
Damaging a car is an extremely stressful event for most drivers in South Africa. The resultant inconvenience and financial concerns can impinge on the well-being and functioning of both businesses and families. Important choices need to be made at a critical time.

Automotive car repairs form part of a highly competitive industry. This is especially the case in Johannesburg, Gauteng. It makes it even more difficult to decide who should repair your car after an accident, which repairer/panel beater is most cost-effective, and most importantly - who should you trust with your asset.

Dedication, experience and skill are the qualities that deliver the best result in this regard, and this is where Western Refinishers- managed by Antonett Messias - stands out from the crowd. With 45 years’ experience in the panel beating industry under-pinning the business, you can expect peace of mind, convenience and the highest quality results.

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We are approved by most of the insurance companies and have  manufacturer approvals.

Insurance Underwriters

Western Refinishers prides itself on being one of a few auto repair companies in South Africa who are fully equipped to carry out auto repair work on all major vehicle brands. This impressive feat is driven by our primary goal of always maintaining the latest technology, the highest standard of knowledge and training and auto repair standards at all times. As a result we are accredited by the following insurance companies.

Motor Manufacturors Approved

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